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     Usefull macros

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    PostSubject: Usefull macros   Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:22 am

    Dont know if these macros will work in cata, just test it

    Arms Macros
    Multimovement Macro
    (tested in 3.2) This macro casts Charge on your target if you have no modifier pressed.
    If you have Shift pressed, then it does this: Friendly target: Casts Defensive stance, Intervene, Battle stance. (3 clicks) Enemy Target: Casts Berserker stance, Intercept, Battle stance. (3 clicks)

    Also, if you are already in either Berserker stance when you target an enemy and press shift, it will skip trying to put you into Berserker stance and just intercept. Same for friendly target with Defensive stance and intervene. (also it only takes 2 clicks in above situations)

    /cast [nomodifier] Charge
    /castsequence [mod:Shift, harm, stance:1/2] Berserker Stance; [mod:Shift, harm, stance:3] Intercept, Battle Stance;
    [mod:Shift, help, stance:1/3] Defensive Stance; [mod:Shift, help, stance:2] Intervene, Battle Stance
    Focus charge/intercept/intervene (3.3)
    (Tested in 4.0) This macro will cast Charge in Battle Stance, Intercept in Berserker Stance and Intervene in Defensive stance if your target is friendly. Finally, this macro turns on your auto-attack if the target is hostile, cancels your Bladestorm and casts Battle Shout. This macro is compatible with the juggernaut talents.
    /startattack [harm]
    /cast [stance:1]Charge; [stance:2,noharm]Intervene; [stance:3]Intercept
    /cancelaura Bladestorm
    /cast Battle Shout
    Heroic/Slam Rage Dump
    This macro will allow you to easy choose between Heroic Strike and Slam to dump your excess of rage or to just simplify the buttons you've to push. The default is to cast Heroic Strike and will cast Slam if any modifier is pressed (CTRL/ALT/SHIFT)
    /cast [modifier] Slam; Heroic Strike
    Bladestorm DPS Fun Macro
    This macro will play the Herod sound "Blades of Light!" when you cast it. You can also insert a trinket to use to make it even better, for example [Mark of Supremacy]. This way you will activate both the ability and the trinket.
    #show Bladestorm
    /use Mark of Supremacy
    /cast Bladestorm
    /script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Herod\\HerodWhirlwind01.wav")
    Fury Macros
    Slam on Bloodsurge Proc
    /cast Slam
    Makes Dpsing as Fury a little easier and take less attention, what I do is set up WW BT HS and this macro next to each other and spam them. This way it will activate Slam, if Bloosurge hasn't procced then it will automatically stop casting it and continue your autoattack, and if Bloodsurge has procced then you'll use up the instant Slam and your rotation can continue smoothly.
    Lazy Leveling
    /castsequence [nocombat,mod]reset=target Battle Stance,Charge;[nocombat]reset=target Berserker Rage,Intercept;[form:3,mod]Bloodrage,Berserker Rage;[noform:3]Berserker Stance;
    [form:3]reset=target Whirlwind,Bloodthirst,Bloodthirst
    Use: When out of combat, with no modifier pressed it will cast Berserer Rage then Intercept. If any mod key is pressed out of combat it will put you in the Battle stance and cast Charge.
    Once in combat it will put you back to berserker stance and it will start DPS rotation Whirlwind, Bloodthirst and Bloodthirst. If you press any mod key while in combat it will try to cast Bloodrage and Berserker rage.
    It's not foolproof and you still have to check your cooldowns but it allows to move from one mob to another while grinding/leveling

    Works in 3.3.2
    Shield/Two Hander Swap
    /equipslot [equipped:two-hand] 17 Shield
    /equipslot [equipped:shield] 17 Off-hand
    /equipslot 16 Main-hand
    /cast [stance:3] Defensive Stance; [stance:2] Berserker Stance
    If you are in Berserker Stance with two two-handers, this will swap your shield with your off hand and put you into Defensive stance in one press of the button. Pressing it again will return you back to Berserker stance and switch your off-hand back to the original two two-handers instead of replacing the main-hand.
    Shattering Throw from Berserker
    /cast [stance:2/3] Battle Stance
    /cast Shattering Throw
    /cast [stance:1] Berserker Stance
    The first press will put you in Battle Stance, second will cast Shattering Throw, and third will put you back in Berserker Stance. Useful if you don't have stances binded as this is a single button. Make sure it is on the same action bar and spot in all stances.
    Retaliation as Fury
    #showtooltip Retaliation
    /cast [stance:2/3] Battle Stance
    /cast Retaliation
    /cast [stance:1] Berserker Stance
    Tha first press puts you in Battle Stance, while the second will use Retaliation and put you back in Berserker Stance.
    Simple aoe macro (3.3)
    /cast Cleave
    /cast Whirlwind

    Two simple macros that help with rage mangement (3.3)
    This first macro works great if you have 2 points in Improved Berserker Rage (10/20 when used)

    /cast Heroic Strike
    /cast Berserker Rage

    /cast Bloodthirst
    /cast Bloodrage
    Charge, Intercept, Intervene 1 button fury (3.2)
    #showtooltip [help] Intervene; [nocombat] Charge; [combat] Intercept
    /cast [combat] Intercept
    /cast [nocombat] Battle Stance
    /cast [nocombat] Charge
    /cast [harm] Berserker Stance
    /cast [help] Defensive Stance
    /cast [help] Intervene
    Using out of combat will change to battle stance, using out of combat targeting a hostile will charge and change to berserker stance, using in combat targeting a hostile will intercept, using while targeting a party member will change to defensive and intervene.
    Protection Macros
    Mouseover Taunt
    If holding alt (Change to whatever mod you prefer) taunts your mouseover target, so you dont have to loose your current target, if not modified then taunts your current target

    /cast [@mouseover] [mod:alt] taunt; Taunt
    (Tested in 3.3) When out of combat this macro will switch to Battle strance and cast Charge on an enemy and then swich back to Defensive stance (3 clicks). It will cast Berserker stance, Intercept, Defensive stance when in combat on an enemy (3 clicks) and it will do Intercept on a friendly target.
    Also, if you are already in either Berserker stance when you target an enemy, it will skip trying to put you into Berserker stance and just intercept. Same for friendly target with Battle stance and Charge. (it only takes 2 clicks in above situations)

    /castsequence [harm, nocombat, stance:2/3] Battle Stance; [harm, nocombat, stance:1] Charge, Defensive Stance; [harm, combat, stance:1/2] Berserker Stance; [harm, combat, stance:3] Intercept, Defensive Stance; [help, stance:2] Intervene

    Raid Target Mark
    (3.1.3 tested) This marks your target with a Raid Target Icon Skull (Requires Lead or Raid Assist), if you target is not currently marked with a skull. Don't add this marking text to all your macros or you will switch the raid mark too much.
    /run if GetRaidTargetIndex("target")~=8 then SetRaidTarget("target",8)end
    Here is an example of this function added to a primary attack macro with Shield Slam if you have a Shield equipped, and with Heroic Strike no matter what.
    /use [equipped:shield] Shield Slam
    /use !Heroic Strike
    /run if GetRaidTargetIndex("target")~=8 then SetRaidTarget("target",8)end
    /run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
    Warbringer Macro
    In 3.1 Warbringer now allows intercept to be used in Def Stance so this macro allows you to charge, intercept if charge is on cool down and Intervene if you have a friendly targeted. Having Charge in the list twice allows you to always have either Charge or Intercept (whichever has the shorter cooldown or is ready) as the action to be performed. Caution: Don't spam this macro or it will Charge and Intercept at the same time.
    /castsequence [harm] reset=15 Charge, Intercept, Charge; [help] Intervene;
    This macro below is focused around multiple target intervene/charge/intercept macro.
    /castsequence [help, @mouseover, nodead] [help, @target, nodead] intervene; [harm, @mouseover, nodead] [harm, @target, nodead] [harm, @focus, nodead] reset=15 Charge, Intercept, Charge; [help, @focus, nodead] Intervene;
    If you want to use it with Grid or Healbot to charge the target of a teammate:
    /assist [target=mouseover]
    /cast Intercept
    /cast Charge
    /cast Taunt
    Depending on your distance to the mob it will either Intercept (respectively Charge if Intercept is on cd) or just Taunt, so you can use it as a one for everything macro and don't have to worry about the distance. You don't need an Intervene macro if you have Grid or Healbot.
    Devastate Mouse Over
    (3.3 tested) This allows the warrior to put Devastate (or Sunder Armor if you don't have Devastate yet) on off targets without switching their main target by putting the mouse cursor over the target and then hitting the macro. It will also Devastate your current target if you have no mouse over target, or Devastate your target's target if your current target is friendly and your target's target is not. The macro prioritizes Mouse Over > Target > Target's Target. It will also pop Bloodrage just incase you are short on rage.
    /use [target=mouseover, harm, nodead][harm,nodead][target=targettarget, harm, nodead][] Devastate
    /use Bloodrage
    /run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
    All Purpose Taunt
    (3.3 tested) This allows the warrior to taunt the target if it is an enemy and begin autoattacking, or taunt a friendly unit's target and begin autoattacking. There are still some minor changes to be made(UI Error messages pop up), but it works fine.
    #showtooltip Taunt
    /assist[help]; Taunt
    /cast [target=target] Taunt
    /cast auto attack
    3.1 All Warrior Macros
    Stance/Shield Change Scrolling
    This is actually two macros, one to be bound to 'mousewheel up' and one bound to 'mousewheel down'. It ensures any stance is a single scroll away, and it also puts on a shield if you go into Defensive and puts back the weapon on any other.
    Stance Down:

    /equipslot [stance:3] 17 ShieldName
    /equipslot [stance:2] 17 OHName
    /cast [stance:3] Defensive Stance
    /cast [stance:2] Battle Stance
    /cast [stance:1] Berserker Stance
    Stance Up:
    /equipslot [stance:1] 17 ShieldName
    /equipslot [stance:2] 17 OHName
    /cast [stance:1] Defensive Stance
    /cast [stance:2] Berserker Stance
    /cast [stance:3] Battle Stance
    Adrenaline Rush (requires Herbalism)
    This macro is great for out of battle healing, and even has some uses in PVP. It requires the warrior have a fully developed Herbalism skill.
    #showtooltip Enraged Regeneration
    /use Enraged Regeration
    /use Lifeblood
    /use [target=player]Heavy Linen Bandage
    Change to whichever type of Bandage you are using right now. Lifeblood has the same 3-min cooldown as Enraged Regeration, so it's very easy to co-ordinate.
    Healer Intervene
    This macro is great for Arena matches, and even in instances:
    #showtooltip Intervene
    /target healername
    /cast Intervene
    This macro will target your healer (or other member if nessacary) will cast Intervene, and then target your healer's target so you can pick up the threat on them.
    Fury Off-Spec
    (tested in 3.3.5) This macro switches between your primary and secondary talents, along with the appropriate stance and equipment:
    /cast [stance:2] Berserker Stance; [stance:3,noequipped:shield] Defensive Stance
    /equipset [stance:3,equipped:shield] Fury; [stance:3,noequipped:shield] Protection
    /usetalents [stance:3,noequipped:shield] 1; [stance:2] 2
    Normally a macro that changes your equipment and talent tree at the same time should be easy to do, but with Fury it's not because of Titan's Grip. So using this macro, you will click it once to go from Fury to Protection, and twice to go from Protection to Fury. Note that the icon will represent the appropriate stance, or a '?' if you need to click it a second time to finish your change towards Fury. For clarity's sake, I'd like to point out two things in this macro: First, it assumes your primary spec is Protection and your secondary spec is Fury. Second, you need to configure the equipment manager (in this macro, the two equipment sets are aptly named 'Fury' and 'Protection').

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    PostSubject: Re: Usefull macros   Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:27 am

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    Usefull macros
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