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 BG; Disc Priest

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PostSubject: BG; Disc Priest   Fri Dec 03, 2010 7:11 am

So you have epic heals and decide to save lifes in the battlgrounds.
Well, here are a few tips:

Your team will love you, but the enemies will hate you. I mean they will HATE you. All that effort to kill someone and there you come healing and undoing all that effort. Be prepared for a whole load of cc's. Even though they would love to come for you, they are too busy with your teammates. A quick fear / silence / sheep / whirlwind is popular. Which brings me to the next point:


You will be targeted , because in their eyes you are that-guy-that-always-heals-my-targets. Noone will pass on a chance to gank a healer. Ive had situations where i tanked people for several minutes before having them give up because i got help or they just simply got tired of chasing me. So now that we've had that, lets talk about your teammates:

I look the players like a big chess board. I divide teammates in melee, ranged and other healers.

The guys hold the line and take the punches, If i have no priority heals, i keep them bubbled and at full life as much as possible. Prayer of mending is also a nice one to keep on them. They are usually the 1st to be in a fight so dont wait for their HP to drop before casting your 1st heal.

The ranged units are mostly glass cannons (aside of hunters). I dont usually bubble them unless they are targeted or i have too much mana. Whenever they are in a fight, i make sure to keep all CC's of them and keep their health up. If for any reason they are unable to move away from a melee or are being attacked by multiple melee enemies, a psychic scream does a better job than any heal you might have. Usually i also throw n a frostweave net, just because i can. In range v range, displling and healing will do the job (trust me, you WILL get cc'd for it).

Poorly geared healers receive the most hate, since they are most likely to gratifythe revenge of any frustrated dps-ers by dying. Heal these guys ad cc their angry buddies. Most of the time someone of your team will help them if they are chased long enough.

Last but not least, i wanna talk about Pain Suppression and Power Infusion:

Pain suppression, use it. Dont save it for when you are in a pinch save it for when others are. If anyone has enough time to attack you rather than your teammates, its allready too late anyway. Thats why i prefer to use it to save others.

Power Infusion, if you do a bg without using it, you deserve to be slapped. Whenever its on cooldown i throw it on the first (dps) caster i can find zerging. Zerging casters use power infusion much more efficient because they arent interrupted or running, and are thereful more able to put the added haste to good use.

The biggest dangers:
- Multiple enemies; bite the bullet. Dont even bother using cooldowns if its hopeles.
- DK's; deathgrip puts you right in the middle or their army. survival rate is very close to 0. Very close.
- That OP warrior that punches through all your defences because he's a kingslayer on steroids

The best opportunities:
- Large group fights, mass dispell and AoE heals (especially AV)
- 1v1 fights, where your teammate is having a tough fight
- Flagrunners (dispel all te cc)

Now go out there and save some lives!

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BG; Disc Priest
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