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 Macros by classes

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PostSubject: Macros by classes   Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:54 pm

will create a topic a topic and link it in here so its easier to look for a specific class
(it'd be usefull if that topic also added advice, reasons and reccomended spec for the macros, so i'll do that too)

general macros (any class)

Mage macros

Rogue Macros

Warlock Macros
thank you, xia ^^

Paladin Macros

Shaman Macros
i'm on a roll =D

Hunter Macros

Priest Macros

Druid Macros

Deathknight Macros

please note, that this is still a work in progress, as i will be updating this post regularly.

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Macros by classes
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