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 Jousting Quests - A Rough Guide

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PostSubject: Jousting Quests - A Rough Guide   Fri Jan 15, 2010 4:38 pm

For those of you of level 77 & above, the Argent Tournament is a good way to get money & Argent Crusade rep. You can also collect marks of the champion there which can be exchanged for low level epic weapons for lvl 80's (amongst other things), this is a pretty good way of getting yourself a decent weapon for when you hit level 80. To get to the main quests you are going to have to do a bit of jousting (fighting on horseback with a lance).

The instance TotC also has some jousting in it so this is a good skill to learn (as the drops there are pretty good).

Jousting Guide:

You have x options

1. Thrust - Standard close range attack
2. Shield Breaker - Ranged attack, removes a layer of defend from target
3. Charge - Charge target from distance, removes a layer of defend
4. Defend - Adds a stack of defend (30% dmg absorbed per stack, max 3)
5. Refresh Mount - Heals mount to full life, cannot be used in combat

Before you start make sure you have three stacks of defend up (3 green shields around you character, 3 is the max number of stacks), the key to jousting is keeping your defence on three stack at all time. In this fight you are only going to use thrust, shield breaker and defend, you never use charge.

- Build up three stacks of defend (defend only lasts for 60 seconds so you will have to reapply before the timer runs out, you have to restack from zero if this happens)

- When you issue your challenge your opponent will ride away from you, as soon as they are far enough away use shield breaker, then ride close immediately. Do not wait for shield breaker to hit them, move in straight away – they should not get a chance to use shield breaker or charge on you.

- Ideally you will get a few thrust attacks before they stack the defend back up to three. Stay close and use thrust.

- Periodically they will ride away from you, let them go until you can use shield breaker then immediately close they gap and use thrust.

- Reapply defend if the timer is running low or if they manage to remove a layer.

- Repeat

With three layers of defend on thrust will deal 325 dmg and 1325 with two layers (2300 with 1 and 3200 with none) so if you can hit them with thrust a few times when they are down to 2 layers and match them thrust for thrust, then as long as you keep your defend stacked you will (eventually) win every time.

To make this faster, while you are in close combat kite them backwards whilst still facing them, sometimes they will not follow you straight away and you can get a free shield breaker in, this can speed the process up a lot. If you get good at this you will sometimes remove all their layers of defend, if they move away from you at this point you might consider using charge to speed things up (charge does 8000 dmg to an unshielded target). You will continue past your target so unless you can swing back round quickly they will have a chance to hit you with shield breaker afterwards so be prepared and don’t use it unless you are winning.

Hope this helps, I am sure this is not the only way to Joust but it is one way that works.
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Jousting Quests - A Rough Guide
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