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 I've found these really usefull...

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PostSubject: I've found these really usefull...   Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:53 am

......just in case you haven't already got them.... Smile

Endless Flamestrike/Blizzard#showtooltip
/castsequence reset=8 !Flamestrike(Rank 9), !Flamestrike(Rank 8 ), !Blizzard
/cast [modifier] Blizzard

Fast fireball strike
/cast Icy Veins
/castsequence reset=8 !Fireball(Rank 16), !Fireball(Rank 15), !Fireball(Rank 16), !Fireball(Rank 15), !Fireball(Rank 16), !Fireball(Rank 15), !Fireball(Rank 16),

Classic combo
/cast Combustion
/cast Fire Blast

Quick armour changes
/cast [mod] Molten Armor; [mod] Ice Armor;Mage Armor

/cast [mod] Frost Ward; Fire Ward
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I've found these really usefull...
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