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 Battleground tips and tricks

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PostSubject: Battleground tips and tricks   Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:50 pm

BattleGround Tips
Always protect your healers
Backup your teammates, especially the ones you might want to have helping you
If your teammate is carrying a flag so what you can to peel the defenders away from him, eg: fear, CofE, etc.
If it's your flag being carried do what you can to strip buffs and slow the carrier, allowing melee and casters to catch up.
Never stop moving or that Rogue (or feral druid) who's stalking you will try to gank you.

Arathi Basin - Kill the enemy and they have to run a lot farther to get to your nearest base than the on on the other side of the map. So if you're Horde, Holding the Farm is better than the Stables for that reason. You have a short run to get there, they have a long one. Hold three bases and you will win. Always fight at the flag, never in the middle/road.
Warsong Gulch - Protecting your flag carrier and killing the guy carrying your flag are far more important things to do than fighting random peeps in the mid-grounds.
Eye of the Storm - Forget the flag. Hold three bases and you win. Hold three and it doesn't matter how many flags the other side gets. Fight at the flags, not in the mid-grounds.
Altarac Valley - You need enough defense to break their assault and enough offense to break their defense. Burn their towers and try to hold or recap yours. Towers are more important than graveyards, but GYs close to the other base are important. They're crowding the entry to your area? Drop an infernal into the middle of their group.
Strand there is no point to fighting behind their group. If you're on Offense then fear their attackers away from your tanks. If on D then abondon your position when they pass you. Stay in front of them.

Use terrain to your advantage. If you can position yourself to cast spells whenre they can't easily see (or find) you then you're golden.
Get your PvP trinket from the Honor Gear vendor as soon as you can. Get the cheap one. The "break free" will save your hide more than once.
While hot gear is nice skill counts for more. Skill will also get you into good gear faster. So practice your skills.
Set up hot-keys for your most used abilities and macros for those abilities that might require several commands, such as the DoT caster above.
Keep alert at all times. Be aware of your teammates and what they're doing. Help them whenever you can.

If you're really serious about PvP then practice seriously and treat yourself yourself to a full blown PvP guide. You'll get far more in-depth detail on how to kill any class, win any BG, and learn to get some pretty good arena ranking. Do it now and get a big edge over the other guy.
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Battleground tips and tricks
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