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 Guess who's back?

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Admin Panci

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PostSubject: Guess who's back?   Sun Feb 27, 2011 4:38 am

Hello my friends,

some of you know me, some of you might say "i know his name from some were" and the rest are wondering who the f@@@ is him....

so for the ones that don't know me... i am Panci aka Lex, self-titled: one of the greatest people on the planet... modest right? Smile

for them they might know me... yeah you really heard about me because i am the legend(one and only)

and for them that they know me... they can testify all i said above...

All my love for every one of you.

i hope we have a successful journey full of fun and glory (this order)

I apologize to my main men Pax and Mike cause i didn't said nothing for a week(the time i have been back) but i just wanted to keep quiet to re-familiarized myself with the environment (after-all i have been out for one year). On my pala (Lexyus) i am 85 now...heroic geared(almost).

i just want to say that next days i will be online on my hunter as well(the char from your the guild) but as soon as i enter online i will let you know...

i have to mention that i am still building my life(the real one) and i will not be full time one(few days a week, few hours from Mo-Fri...more in weekend)...that's because of my job.

anyway...nice to be back, nice to breath fresh peacekeeping air again.

I salute you my brave warriors!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Guess who's back?   Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:37 pm

Hey m8!

Realy nice to have you back!!!

Lets try to get this guild somewhere.
Might still need some tim and patience, but I think we can make it!!

A bit practise will also be good! ( I need more DPS ) Smile

Pax king
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Guess who's back?
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