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 Guild ranks and promotions

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PostSubject: Guild ranks and promotions   Sat Oct 16, 2010 12:35 pm

We have these ranks :

Keeper wannabe -> New members.
Inactive -> Member offline for a long time.
Alt rank -> Members that have more than one char. This is for alts.
Jr. Peacekeeper -> True member. Most will stay at this lvl. Unless you do lots for the guild, and register in our forum.
Peacekeeper -> High lvl member that is registered in this forum, and does alot to help guild improve.
Peaceleader alt -> These are the Officer's alts.
Peace leader -> These are our guild officers/leaders. If you need help.. .ask a Peace Leader.
Guild Queen -> This is our guild Queen! queen All bow for the Queen when she is online. Very Happy
Gold Keeper -> Higly trusted members that are taking care off administering GB and other.
Pax Almighty -> Guild Master.

Pax king
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Guild ranks and promotions
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